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Finding a jobs online is one click away! Do you really think having interview means… you got job?

March 18, 2007

Finding a jobs online is one click away! Do you really think having interview means… you got job?
Did you ever thought about internet will be way to find the jobs for people.  I did not even think years ago that Tesco, ASDA going to deliver potatoes, vegetables, bread online to your doors. Look what happened now.  If you still follow the traditional papers and recruitment agency than it time to explore the job websites in the internet.

If you are equipped with the good knowledge in your profession and willing to put your effort jobs are click away from you. In fact you decide you want to find the jobs or let the jobs find you. What I mean is posting 1 page good resume…cv of your online which will summarize your expertise can bring the jobs on your plate. Believe me there are many employers looking for good employees. Whether you are marketing expert, Sales executive, Human Resource Manager, Project Manger, IT Engineer, IT manager etc. uploading you resume online can generate phone calls to you.

I have couple of trick which I would like to share with you about the employment. Here are the few things.

Firstly you must know Google and of course one email to receive jobs. I recommend you

Secondly Jobs and Resume  website which will allow you to post CV online for free.
I recommend you to use: (UK), (India), (USA), (South Afirca) 
Hirefire allow you to upload resume for free and you can manage your CV yourself. Not only that many employers look for CV from this site. You never know you might be the lucky one. If you are graduate, IT professionals or have work experience, Hirefire will be the first choice for you to post your CV and start getting jobs calls.

Few jobs websites I recommend you to use:

Find jobs online in United Kingdom(UK)

Find jobs online in United States(USA)

Find jobs online in India

As long as you load your resume and browse the couple of job website you will be in demand in the market. Changing the current jobs if you not happy is just a click away.

In my next blog I will be coming with the some more exciting tips and trick about the jobs. Let me have your view if this is helping you to finding jobs. So Good luck to all.